KinoDen (Kinokuniya Digital Library) e-book trial

Princeton, April 22:

In response to the need for more access to electronic resources, Kinokuniya have offered a free trial of e-books on their e-book platform. 

Acess to KinoDen (Kinokuniya Digital Library) is available via the following URL:

[accessible anywhere with serial code: 73pp7r7jzvoda]

Princeton users will need to sign-in as shown in the image below.

Kinoden Login 

There are some of the conditions for the Reading Trials:

 Unlimited concurrent access to each title

  • Browsing/Reading only! (printing and downloading are not available during the trial)
  • **5-minute browsing per title 
  • Access will be available until May 31, 2020

 **The 5-minute browsing is a condition imposed by the Japanese publishers. When you require to spend more time browsing the same title, please do so by restarting the browser. Apologies for the huge inconvenience.

Readers can contact the Japanese Studies Librarian Setsuko Noguchi if they find any titles that they wish to read.

Questions about this trial are also welcome to be sent to Setsuko Noguchi

Library Contact