East Asian Library Pick-Up Times Mo-Fr 1-4pm

June 8. The East Asian Library is happy to report that starting June 8, it will begin physical pick-up services and extended digitization possibilies. Starting Monday, June 8, book pick-up requests can be made via a link on the online catalog pages (catalog.princeton.edu). We will receive those requests, and will work to fulfill them. Please understand that staffing is limited, and will also be following social distancing and other protocol requirements as outlined by the CDC, State and University. Library locations will not be open to the public or patrons, and patrons will not be allowed beyond the designated pick-up areas. Social distancing and wearing a face covering/mask will be required for picking up books.

You will be notified when a book you requested is available. Only after that notification, will you be able to come in and pick up your book(s) from a clearly marked table just in front of the East Asian Library, daily from 1 to 4 pm only, under social distancing rules (one at a time, masks). The books will already have been charged out to you, and we have to rely upon the honor system that you take your own pile only. You will not be able to enter the library, or have access to staff. 

The availability of digitized material will be by email notification. Note that copyright issues are still in effect, so some negotiation is expected to have to take place in many cases to see what the best solution is; books under copyright cannot be fully scanned. We fully expect that there may be several steps to this process: “I would like first a scanned Table of Contents, and then I will ask you to scan some pages.” Please continue to ask our subject librarians.

For now, services are restricted to Princeton University users only; visitors will not be able to enter buildings.

This is the first of a phased return to work. For more information, follow https://library.princeton.edu/phased-planning-updates

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