Trial of Morohashi's Dai Kan-Wa jiten (大漢和辞典) on JapanKnowledge

April 1, 2021

Princeton users now have trial access to Morohashi's Dai Kan-Wa jiten (大漢和辞典) on JapanKnowledge from April 1 to April 30.
To use the dictionary, please login to JapanKnowledge Lib via (, and find Dai Kan-Wa jiten under "すべての辞典" or ”検索コンテンツー日本語​”
The web version of Dai Kan-Wa jiten will be released in two phases: phase 1 in 2021 and Phase 2 in 2023. Basic search and advanced search are available in the phase 1.

<Available functions in the phase 1>
Basic search for 50,000 entry characters (親字)
Combined search by parent character, Dai Kan-Wa number (大漢和番号), radical (部首), total number of strokes (総画数) and components (部品) .

Cross-search with other dictionaries in JapanKnowledge such as Nihon rekishi chimei taikei, Kokushi Daijiten, Kadokawa kogo daijiten, Sekai daihyakka jiten, Kadokawa Nihon chimei daijiten, and Shinpen Kokka taikan.

You can find manuals in the "資料​" on the bottom of the interface.
“Vocabulary search” (語彙検索) will be developed in the near future.

Please contact our Japanese Studies Librarian Setsuko Noguchi ( with any questions or comments on the database.

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