New Database on Historical Geography of China’s Borderlands

June 22, 2021

Princeton users now have permanent access to Bianjiang Lishi Dili Shujuku = 邊疆歷史地理數據庫 a database on the historical geography of China’s borderlands created by Zhonghua shuju. It currently collects 700+ titles and will be growing over time.

The database has two parts. The first part called 史地經典文庫 collects full-text historical textual material on the Chinese borderlands dating from the Ming Dynasty to the Republic in the punctuated editions by Zhonghua shuju. The second part 邊疆史料文庫 gives access to Republican monographs, periodicals, government gazettes and other documents on the history of the border regions.

The original printed text is displayed side-by-side with a fully searchable digital edition of the text for comparison. Downloading is not possible. Copying (with a maximum of 200 characters at a time (after signing in)) is, but only using the pop-up copy function, not the usual browser function.

To use the database you have to sign in with a user account.

You have the following two choices:

1) You can use a generic Princeton account with the following details

Password: 123123

2) You can register a personal account

To sign in for both options please choose 登录 on the upper left and then switch to 邮箱登录 on the following page (right under the large 登录 button).

The database can be accessed via the libraries' EzProxy system at:

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