Trial of the Database for Theoretical Resources of the Chinese Communist Party

Princeton, August 2, 2021:

Starting from today Princeton users have trial access to the Database for Theoretical Resources of the Chinese Communist Party = 中国共产党思想理论资源数据库 until September 30, 2021.

This database includes electronic access to more than 19,000 e-Books mainly published by 中国人民出版社, 东方出版社, 中央文献出版社, and 新华书店. The database is structured in 14 sections including: Xi Jinping thought, Marxism, Party and state leaders, Party and state documents, Selected Classical works and excerpts, Party theory and ideology, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Laws and Regulations, Party history, Party construction, Revolutionary publications, International Communist movement, History, and Philosophy. The database includes material such as speeches, collected works of party leaders and left-wing authors, timelines (年谱 and 大事记), biographies and memoirs, as well as important document collections such as the 中共中央文件选集, 建党以来重要文献选编, 建国以来重要文献选编, 中华人民共和国史编年. The important 当代中国丛书 from the 1990s is also included.

The books in this database mainly date from 1949 to the present, but also include Republican period Chinese communist publications.

Searches for books, book chapters, articles and full-text searches are all possible. The books can be accessed via an online reading mode. Copying of text is possible. Downloads are not supported.

The trial is available on the University network and on the library EZ-proxy service via the link below.


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