Trial access to the Yūhō Bunko (友邦文庫) database

Princeton, December 3, 2021:


Starting from today Princeton users have trial access to the Yūhō Bunko (友邦文庫) database.


The Yūhō Bunko (formerly known as the Yūhō Kyōkai and Chuo Nikkan Kyōyukai Bunko) holds rare and valuable resources including Chosen Sotoku-fu budget reports, documents on director general meeting (Watanabe Bunko), documents from Chosen Sotoku-fu headquarters and regional offices, resources on colonial and industrial, etc. The online version of Yūhō Bunko also contains memos and handwritten reports brought in by the former bureaucrats of the Chosen Sotoku-fu, who were in an important position in determining the policy of governing Korea, such as the Political Affairs Commissioner and each bureau chief.

The trial is available on the University network and on the library EZ-proxy service via the link below.


User’s manual:

Trial period: until December 28, 2021

Comments or suggestion are welcome and should be send to Setsuko Noguchi at

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