Quan Song biji in the latest update to Zhonghua jingdian gujiku database

Princeton, March 4, 2022:

Princeton users have now permanent access to the 9th installment of the 中華經典古籍庫 database.  Most importantly this update includes the complete 全宋筆記. Together with the electronic version of the 全宋文 which became available last year, this is the second major collection of Song texts that are now electronically available in punctuated editions.

Other highlights of this update are collected works of individual authors such as 范仲淹全集, 陸游全集校注, 吕祖謙全集, 李漁全集, 劉宗周全集, and 袁枚全集新編. Also include is宋代科舉資料長編, as well as additional individual works from the following larger series:  浙江文叢, 道教典籍選刊, 清代史料筆記叢刊, and 中國古典文學基本叢書.

All titles have been individually cataloged and are available directly from the library catalog.

Access is available on the University network, via VPN (SRA, not GlobalProtect) or off-site through the links below.

For simple reading and searching, no individual registration should be needed, but a login is required if you wish to copy text (up to 200 characters), make notes, submit corrections, save searches, etc.

To login you have the following two choices:
1) You can use a generic Princeton account with the following details
Username: plsdguji3@163.com
Password: 123123

2) You can register a personal account

To sign in for both options please choose 登录 on the upper left and then switch to 邮箱登录 on the following page (right under the large 登录 button).

Within the database an advanced search system allows very sophisticated searches, including for example variant author names like the 字, 號 or 法名 of Buddhist monks.

The texts are shown as formatted webpages, but the original printed version is also available for comparison; for this please click the orange page numbers that are displayed within the running text.

General information: https://libguides.princeton.edu/ealdbs/chinese#s-lg-box-13883934
All 中華經典古籍庫 titles: https://catalog.princeton.edu/?q=ancientbooks&search_field=all_fields   
Latest additions: https://catalog.princeton.edu/?f%5Brecently_added_facet%5D%5B%5D=weeks_1&q=ancientbooks&search_field=all_fields  
全宋筆記: https://catalog.princeton.edu/catalog/99125456167206421   
全宋文: https://catalog.princeton.edu/catalog/99119353453506421

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