Zhongguo difang lishi wenxian shujuku = 中国地方历史文献数据库

Princeton, March 29, 2022:

Princeton users have now permanent access to a database of Chinese Historical Local Archives,
Zhongguo difang lishi wenxian shujuku 中国地方历史文献数据库.

Access is available on the University network, via VPN (SRA, not GlobalProtect) or off-site through the link below.

The documents in this database were brought together by the Center of Local Archives at Shanghai Jiaotong University. The archives (mostly in manuscript form) originate mainly from private collections in the provinces of Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, and Jiangxi. Major parts of the collections come from Shicang 石仓 (Zhejiang) and from Huizhou 徽州. Included are contracts, private and company ledgers, examination documents, medical prescriptions, local theater and opera material, court records, letters, family records, and various other types of material. The majority of the documents date from the Qing and Republican period, but there are also some Ming and PRC documents included. Currently, this database is the only one of its type in China.

The texts have been arranged according to regions, with archives from families in the same region put together, by village.  Various (full-text and multidimensional) searches and functions are available through searches in simplified and traditional characters.

URL: https://libguides.princeton.edu/ealdbs/chinese#s-lg-box-28496860

ACCESS NOTE: Please confirm IP authentication when opening the database.

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