Three new East Asian databases

Princeton, July 01, 2022:

Princeton users have now permanent access to three new East Asian Databases
Access is available on the University network, via VPN (SRA, not GlobalProtect) or off-site through the links below.

Shintei zōho Kokushi taikei  
Online edition of Shintei zōho Kokushi taikei (新訂増補国史大系) is now accessible via JapanKnowledge at Shintei zōho Kokushi taikei published by Yoshikawa Kōbunkan (1998-2001) covers the fundamental pre-modern works of Japanese history. The online edition contains total 66 volumes (60 volumes plus supplements) in PDF including Kojiki, Nihonshoki, Azuma Kagami, Tokugawa Jikki, Honchō Seiki, Nihon Kiryaku, Hyakuren Shō, Nihon Isshi, Zokushi Gushō, Ritsu, Ryō no gige, Ryō no shuge, Engishiki, Ruijū Sandaikaku, etc. Full-text search is available by keywords, proper nouns, etc. that appear in the main text.

Yūhō Bunko
Yūhō Bunko (友邦文庫) is an archival collection of rare and highly valuable materials related to the Chōsen Sōtoku-fu (Government General of colonial Korea) The collection includes official documents, publications, memos and handwritten reports brought by officials of the former Chōsen Sōtoku-fu, who were principles in determining the policies of the rule of Korea. The Yūhō Bunko also covers resources of the repatriations and overseas assets after the war such as the 'Association for the care of repatriates returned to Korea' and the 'Association of Korean Business Operators. Yūhō Bunko is accessible at via J-DAC (Japan Digital Archives Center).

PSO (Prefectural Statistics Online): Shōwa-hen
PSO is a digital archive of prefectural statistics on various categories such as population, agriculture, industrial etc. These statistics have been collected annually in each prefecture since Meiji, of which the PSO covers from Meiji to Shōwa (1873-1972). We have purchased the modules of Meiji-hen, Taisho-hen since 2020 and completed the series by acquiring the last module of Shōwa-hen. The whole data is now available via at J-DAC.

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