Song Tomb Inscriptions Database = 宋代墓志铭数据库 (续编)

Princeton, November 29, 2022.

Princeton users now have access to an additional section 续编 of the Song Tomb Inscriptions Database by Zhonghua Shuju. The sources of each epitaph are given on the respective page. Where available high-quality images of the rubbings have been added to the database and can be viewed side by side with the text.

Please note: While searching will bring up results from both the 初编 and the 续编, if you want to browse the included items of each part you have to switch manually to the other part of the database. You can do this by selecting the 中华石刻数据库 logo on the top left and then select the respective part from the menu of the individual sub-databases.

To make use of all the database features you have to sign in with a user account.

To login and for further details on the options using personalized or instituonal accounts to access the database please see:


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