Two new Japanese database trials

Princeton, January 11, 2023 

The East Asian Library is running trials of two new databases within the JapanKnowledge system:

Records of the Emperor and the Imperial Family - Tenno Kozoku Jitsuroku (天皇皇族実録)  
The Records of the Emperor and the Imperial Family in 135 volumes plus a supplementary volume are a chronological record of the historical traces of successive Japanese emperors from Emperor Jinmu to the 121st Emperor Komei, as well as the five emperors of the Northern Court, Emperor Kogon, Emperor Komyo, Emperor Suko, Emperor Gokogon, and Emperor Goenyu, and also including the empresses and consorts, relatives of the emperors, and imperial princesses (with the exception of the four families of the imperial princes of Fushiminomiya, Katsuranomiya, Arisugawanomiya, and Kanninnomiya), prepared in the pre-war period through extensive research conducted by the Department of the Imperial Household on all extant documents and records available at the time.
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Web-ban Shiryo hensanshu (Web版 史料纂集 第1期:古記録編 平安・鎌倉・南北朝)
The first set of this collection includes transcriptions of historical records from the Heian Kamakura period to the Nanboku-chō period. The collection includes the diaries by emperors, important officials, and poets of the time.
The database supports copying and pasting of full-text data. Old character forms have been converted to new character forms (both forms are searchable).
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Both trials are available on-site and off-site via our access to JapanKnowledge at
Trial period:  until February 9, 2023

Please contact Setsuko Noguchi with any feedback or questions on the trial.

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