Service announcement for CNKI resources

Princeton, March 20, 2023:

Late last week the East Asian Library was informed by East View, the US distribution partner of CNKI, that the Cybersecurity Administration of China (CAC) has recently imposed new oversight requirements on Chinese publishers and exporters of information. In short, many content types that were previously viewed as mundane have now been flagged by the Chinese authorities to be subject to government review. We were just informed in recent days that this may lead to a review of:


The Cybersecurity Administration will require Chinese publishers to temporarily suspend access to full-text downloads of these content types, as soon as April 1 as the CAC creates new compliance standards for publishers. The official notifications can be viewed at the following links:暂停部分服务通知/ and

The East Asian Library is in contact with other content providers from China to understand how these changes also might affect other suppliers. We will do our best to keep you updated on these developments.

In the meantime, please contact Joshua Seufert, the Chinese Studies Librarian, if you experience problems accessing any of our electronic resources. We will do our best to find alternative sources for you.

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