Database Trials - Nihon shinrei and Onrain-ban Goto Shinpei monjo

Princeton, July 18, 2023:

The East Asian Library is running trials of two new Japanese databases:

1.    Nihon shinrei (日本心霊), the bulletin of the Spirit Society of Japan (1915 – 1939) contains articles from a wide range of fields such as medicine, religion, and literature on the topic of spirit. The original issues were compiled by Jimbun Shoi and annotated by Hidehiko Kurita (Bukkyo University)

2.    Onrain-ban Goto Shinpei monjo「オンライン版 後藤新平文書」is an archival collection of documents created by Goto Shinpei, a Japanese politician, physician, and cabinet minister of the Taisho and early Showa period.

Please note: the Onrain-ban Goto Shinpei monjo are part of a larger cross-searchable database on modern and contemporary materials and Princeton currently only has access to Yuho Bunko, Miki Takeo, Ichikawa Fusae, and Tokyo Saiban of this larger collection.


Both trials are available on and off campus.

Trial period:  until August 13, 2023

Please contact Setsuko Noguchi with any feedback or questions on the trial.


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