New Chinese Studies Databases

Princeton, December 13, 2023:


Encyclopedia of Taiwan Studies Online

Princeton users now have access to a new online work in the Brill Chinese Reference Works series. Currently this encyclopedia is only partly available, but will gradually be expanded, and by the end of 2024 is expected to contain 600 entries of various length (1000-5000 words) written by 400 scholars, covering all major fields of the humanities and social sciences.


Chinese Big Set Table of Contents database = 中国大套图书目次库

Princeton users now have access to the Chinese Big Sets Table of Contents database = 中国大套图书目次库. On the Chinese mainland publishers have over the years preferred to publish large collections of primary and secondary print material. At the East Asian Library, we try to give access to the contents of these sets by adding searchable content note fields and scanning table of contents pages that we add to the catalog record, but for many large sets it is not possible to add all the information in a way that would allow easy searching. The Chinese Big Set Table of Contents database tries to address this problem. It provides searchable indexes for 2,500 large sets of from 130 different publishers from mainland China. The covered book sets were published 1985-present, but the database is most comprehensive for 2015-present. The table of contents (ToC) information can be searched and the ToCs can be downloaded in PDF format.


Wanfang xin fangzhi = 万方新方志

The East Asian Library has recently expanded its access to the post-1949 local gazetteers database by Wanfang. Princeton users now have access to more than 60,000 volumes of local gazetteers which are browsable by region or topic. Local gazetteers are great resources for local knowledge and are being produced on all administrative levels. Including for example gazetteers for provinces, towns, villages, city districts, and even individual companies or other danwei.



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