Access to two new Chinese Republican Archival Databases

Princeton, May 29, 2024:

Princeton users now have permanent access to two new Chinese Republican archival databases. The databases are accessible on and off-campus via the links provided below.


Zhongguo shanghui dangan - Baoding juan = 中国商会档案数据库·保定卷 (Archives of Chinese Chambers of Commerce. Baoding Part)
The China Chamber of Commerce Archives Database (Baoding Volume) includes archival records from 1908 to 1956. The archive documents the social and economic history of Baoding and North China over this period. The database is full-text searchable. It includes 50,000 pages of documents.

Zhongguo sifa dangan -Jiangjin juan = 中国司法档案数据库·江津卷 (Chinese Judicial Archives Database. Jiangjin I+II)
This database collects legal archives of actual lawsuits during the Republican Era (1911-1949) from the archives of the Jiangjin District in the city of Chongqing with a strong focus on materials from the 1920s. The first and second part of "China Judicial Archives Database (Jiangjin Volume)" to which Princeton users currently have access, consist of 12 categories with a total of 4330 volumes and about 270,000 pages of documents. The first part mainly includes six categories: debt disputes, tenancy disputes, marriage disputes, tax law, property, and sales disputes. The second part mainly adds theft, fraud, family disputes, smoking and drug abuse, and also supplements the six categories of the first part.

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