Author Identifier (ORCiD) Sign-up Session in the Engineering Library

ORCiD logoWhat: ORCiDⓇ Information and Sign-up Session – A brief overview of the Open Researcher and Contributer ID (ORCiD) will provided, then librarians will be around to answer questions and help you get your own unique ORCiD. Four laptops will be available or bring your own.

Where: Room 105, Engineering Library, Friend Center

When: 4:00 pm, Thursday, March 3, 2016

Who: Willow Dressel, Engineering Librarian and Jane Holmquist, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Physics, Interim Plasma Physics Librarian and ORCiD Ambassador

Candy will be provided!


Why get an ORCiD?
Distinguish yourself and get credit for your research. Using an ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributer ID) can help improve the discoverability of your work, eliminate name ambiguity, and ensure you are matched to your research across the research landscape.

What is an ORCiD?
ORCID is a global registry of unique identifiers for researchers and scholars that is open, non-proprietary, transparent, mobile, and community-based. ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier to DISTINGUISH YOU from all other researchers, AUTOMATICALLY LINKING your professional activities. Your ORCID iD will belong to you throughout your scholarly career as a persistent identifier to distinguish you from other researchers and ensure consistent, reliable attribution of your work. For example,

  • Funding organizations like the U.S. NIH, U.K. Wellcome Trust, and Portuguese FCT, and are requesting ORCID iDs during grant submission and plan to use it to reduce the burden of grant submission
  • Publishers are collecting ORCID iDs during manuscript submission, and your ORCID iD becomes a part of your publication’s metadata, making your work attributable to you and only you
  • Universities and research institutes such as Harvard, Oxford, Michigan, Boston, NYU Langone Medical Center, and Texas A&M encourage ORCID adoption, and many are creating ORCID iDs for their faculty, postdocs, and graduate students!
  • Professional associations like the Society for Neuroscience and Modern Language Association are incorporating ORCID iDs into membership renewal

Space is limited so please be sure to RSVP to Willow Dressel,