Friday Film Series @ Lewis Library

This semester's Lewis Films Series showcases the work and lectures of MIT's Professor Jeffery Grossman. All films will be screened in Lewis LIbrary, Room 225. All are welcome.

Lecture Titles:

Magnetism: the science of attractions
Transportation: the science of how we move
Computers: trillions of bits per second
Artificial intelligence: thinking machines
Robotics: living with machines
Microscopes: the power of seeing it all
Nanotechnology: the new science of small
Nanotechnology: changing everything
Synthetic life: making life from scratch
The brain: your body's supercomputer
Cancer and aging: can they be defeated?
Powerful viruses: future friend or foe?
Food or famine: science holds the key
Water: the currency of the next century
Solar cells: electricity from the sun
Batteries: storing energy chemically

The hydrogen economy: fact or fiction?
Nuclear energy: harnessing star power
Prediction: from storms to stocks
Communication: transcending time and space
Science in the future