Featured E-Resource: JoVE publishes video demonstrations of scientific experiments

chemistry beakers and vials

Princeton University Library is pleased to provide faculty, students, and staff access to JoVE, a peer-reviewed video journal that has produced over 9,500 videos demonstrating experiments from laboratories around the world, allowing for reproducibility.

JoVE Video Journal publishes methods articles including text description and video demonstration of experiments to increase the reproducibility and productivity of scientific research. The scope of the journal includes novel techniques, innovative applications of existing techniques, and gold standard protocols in the physical and life sciences. 

JoVE Science Education Library offers easy-to-understand video demonstrations for teaching and learning key concepts and fundamental techniques at the undergraduate course level. These videos cover a wide range of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects including biology, chemistry, environmental science, psychology, clinical medicine, and engineering.

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