Barbara McLaughlin, Video Services Supervisor

Barbara is the supervisor of Video Services located in Firestone Library.  She holds degrees in accounting and computer networking. Barbara began working at Princeton University over 19 years ago in OIT as a SCAD/DCS member (Support for Computing in Academic Departments/Department Computing Support) before joining the library.  She is the main contact person for the reserve video streaming (video-on demand) and the video digitization service. Barbara supervises the staff and student workers in Video Services and collaborates with faculty, academic staff, and students to help them obtain and digitize film requests for assigned course material. She is responsible for digitizing all types of video media such as DVDs, Blu-ray and VHS tapes, including those in foreign formats and regions.

Barbara also provides user support for students, faculty, and staff in regards to any technical issues related to video and film and provides technical support to patrons in relation to streaming and viewing the assigned streaming media.

Questions? Contact Barbara at or 609-258-0739.