PUL Makerspace hosts Princeton University Society of Women Engineers

Princeton Students working with Makerspace Specialist Ariel Ackerly on soldering.

Princeton Students got an introduction to soldering, 3D printing, vinyl cutting, and 3D modeling with Makerspace Specialist Ariel Ackerly. Photo credit: Brandon Johnson

On Wednesday, December 8, members from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at Princeton University visited the Princeton University Library (PUL) Makerspace to receive a crash course in the lab’s equipment. 

Organized by Caroline Hana, Class of 2023, the event walked SWE members through the Makerspace’s offerings, including vinyl printing, 3D modeling and printing, and soldering. The event was led by Makerspace Specialist Ariel Ackerly and supported by Engineering Librarian Willow Dressel and Graduate Student Eunice Slanwa.

“The PUL Makerspace is open to Princeton University students, faculty, and staff of all disciplines,including humanities!,” said Ackerly. Once prospective users complete a training session they can make reservations to use the equipment independently.

The SWE visit fell right in line with the group’s core goal of promoting a sense of community among female B.S.E. students, professors, and alumnae of Princeton. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, SWE was also involved with outreach, hosting badge workshops for Girl Scouts as well as a biannual High School Engineering Colloquium to introduce girls to fields and career paths within engineering.

The PUL Makerspace regularly runs workshops and hosts group events, such as the Knot Stress Away with the Women of Princeton Employee Resource Group. To learn more about the PUL Makerspace and its offerings please visit the Library’s website. Or to find out more about Princeton’s Society of Women Engineers, visit the group’s website.

Published on Feb. 3, 2022

Written by Brandon Johnson, Communications Specialist

Media Contact: Barbara Valenza, Director of Communications