Meet Lucia Brown an undergraduate and co-leader of the Student Friends of Princeton University Library

The Student Friends of the Princeton University Library (SFPUL) is a student-run group that sponsors events and activities related to libraries, books, collecting, and other bibliographic endeavors, with a dedicated emphasis on Princeton University Library’s collections.

Lucia Brown

What are you studying at Princeton? What interests you about the subject?

I am a sophomore studying comparative literature and anthropology. I have always loved learning and studying languages, and I am curious about the different relationships between language and the ways that humans just are. I think that these disciplines are useful ways of diving into my interests, particularly since I also enjoy the process of writing. 

How did you get involved with SFPUL? 

I started coming to SFPUL tours in the fall of my first year, and I loved them! I felt like I was discovering little worlds inside of Princeton, and I valued the introduction to the wealth of resources and expertise right here in our libraries. I am now one of the three co-leaders.

What has been your favorite SFPUL event and why? 

My favorite SFPUL event was our tour of the “Through a Glass Darkly: Alchemy and the Ripley Scrolls 1400-1700” exhibit with curator Professor Jennifer Rampling. She told us about how she had taken the Ripley scrolls and tried to follow their instructions with ingredients in a lab. She found that the images of animals fighting in the air was actually a depiction of the gasses that appeared, and there was a clear scientific connection that we could still find almost three centuries later with these images! 

What have you learned since joining the Friends? 

I have accumulated both so much important knowledge and so many fun facts since joining the Friends! A few weeks ago, I learned about Toni Morrison's children's books that she wrote with her son. One of my favorite facts to share with people is from our tour of Mudd Library's collection highlights---we have a Princeton flag that went to the moon! 

How have you used the Library in your time at Princeton? Are there any notable resources or materials you've used? 

On a day-to-day basis, I frequent the Architecture Library and the beautiful, high-ceilinged glass room of the C-floor of Firestone. Recently, I have been able to take advantage of Princeton's wide range of resources for a course I have this semester on graphic novels published in French. 

Why should someone join the SFPUL? 

When I came into Princeton, I thought that the sheer size of the Library's collection was extremely intimidating. Where would I even start? SFPUL has been a kind and welcoming introduction to these incredible resources. I think everyone should join the SFPUL for the opportunity to have conversations with experts, explore resources with interested (and interesting!) peers, and to get a behind the scenes look into one of the greatest libraries in the world--it's right here!

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Published on March 9, 2023

Interview by Brandon Johnson, Communications Strategist

Media Contact: Barbara Valenza, Director of Library Communications