Tips for getting started with LaTex

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LaTeX is a typesetting system for creating everything from posters and presentations to theses and journal articles. STEM fields are increasingly adopting its use for the ability to format equations and many of the more computationally heavy disciplines provide a LaTeX template for senior theses. LaTeX ultimately provides more control over the formatting of a document than Word and Google Docs, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Users can easily become frustrated without a basic understanding of markup and structure in LaTeX.

Create an account on Overleaf

Turning LaTeX markup into a nicely formatted document requires the use of a TeX editor. The easiest way to get started with LaTeX is to create an account for the online LaTeX editor Overleaf. Creating an account with your Princeton account provides access to more storage, versioning, and collaboration options. More advanced users may want to explore downloading a Tex distribution for their operating system.

Sign up for a workshop

Princeton University Library offers peer LaTeX Training on an ongoing basis throughout the semester. Workshops are primarily held in the Fine Visualization Lab with occasional options in Stokes. The Advanced workshop will focus on creating presentations and bibliographies.

Get Help

Peer LaTeX Trainers are available throughout the semester for drop-in and one-on-one consultation sessions. LaTeX was developed over 40 years ago so there is a wealth of documentation and support available online. Overleaf and the LaTeX Project both offer help pages and tutorials.

Visit PUL's events page for a list of LaTeX workshops.

Published on February 7, 2024

Compiled by Willow Dressel, Librarian, Engineering Library

Media Contact: Stephanie Oster, Publicity Manager