As part of our work with the Rare Materials Ontology Extension subgroup, we have begun categorizing the nearly 45 use cases formulated over the past several weeks. Tim has taken a leading role in this effort.

In order to better understand ontologies amongst ourselves, the PUL core group has been exploring Protege, an open-source ontology editing tool, by way of a helpful "pizza ontology" tutorial (similar to this one). We're still working through it and looking forward to taste of success.

The core group is also busy drafting an article for the upcoming issue of the Journal of Library Metadata, which solicited articles related to BIBFRAME (the linked data "replacement for MARC").

In broader LD4P news, the much-anticipated LD4P Program Manager has been hired! Based at Stanford, she will play a pivotal role in coordinating the activities of the six institutions and the various subgroups.