2016-10-14 - Phase 2 Begins

Phase 2 of our project (Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017) is centered around creating initial RDF data for the 500 sample objects that we selected from Derrida's library. To kick it off, we've been spot checking the digitized pages from these items, and have created a simple form and database to capture transcriptions of the dedications. Transcribing them from scratch will allow us to double check and enhance existing vendor-provided transcriptions. We are currently seeking to hire a lucky student worker to do this edifying transcription work.

Further educating ourselves about the Semantic Web (etc.) continues to be a priority. This week, we finished the Protégé pizza tutorial, which helped us understand more about ontologies and Protégé itself (a standard tool), as well as pizzas. Next, we will methodically read through Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, which has been hailed by colleagues as an accessible and practical introduction to the Semantic Web.