By design, BIBFRAME 2.0 does not completely cover all types of resources. Partners within the LD4all consortium have taken on the complex task of developing extensions for the encoding of art, cartographic materials, moving images, music, and rare materials. Planning is currently underway for an all-hands meeting, to bring these partners into the same room for a couple of days to compare notes, discuss problem areas, and plan. This meeting will take place here at Princeton, April 3-4.   

As a lead-in to this larger meeting, Tim and Peter are going to Columbia University to participate in a "ontology sprint", March 3-4, to explore overlaps in the work of the rare materials ("RareMat") and art ("ArtFrame") ontology extension groups.  

For more on the LD4P ontology extension efforts, see the LD4P Project Pages at http://ld4p.org