Very unfortunately for us, a key member of the LD4P at Princeton core group, Tim Thompson, will be leaving on March 24 to become Discovery Metadata Librarian at Yale. Tim has contributed in many essential ways to our understanding of Web Annotations, to semantic web technologies in general, and to our rare materials ontology extension work. Tim was also the instigator and main author of our article in the Journal of Library Metadata. We wish Tim the best and look forward to collaborating with him in the near future, even if he will be wearing blue rather than orange bowties.

At least one bit of silver lining from this change is that Lidia Santarelli, Metadata Librarian, Modern Greek Specialty, will be stepping into Tim's place (in as much as this is possible). Lidia has been actively and enthusiastically participating in our self-education efforts, namely our book group (reading Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist) and the Protege pizza tutorial. Lidia is also currently coordinating efforts to complete the identification of dedicators from within our sample set of objects from Derrida's library.

In other news, the in-person meeting at Columbia of the Rare Materials and ARTFrame ontology extension groups, which Tim and Peter attended March 2-3, was both motivating and productive. More details can be found on the public LD4P wiki: https://wiki.duraspace.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=83230960