• Stanford meetings: Joyce, Jennifer, and Peter will be traveling to Stanford next week for two LD4P-related meetings (April 24 - 28).  The first two days of the week are a large community-input meeting. The group has invited a number of librarians, programmers, and vendors who are involved in linked data to come for discussions and presentations, to gather feedback on LD4P efforts, and to learn about related activity in other areas which might intersect with LD4P. The following 3 days will be a partner meeting for members of the LD4P collaboration. To help our colleagues prepare we have drafted a project summary, which can be found on the Community Input Meeting wiki page
  • Training: At the end of March, Peter attended a 3-day training on ontology development (Protege short course)
  • All-Ontology Extensions In-Person Meeting: On April 3 - 4, a group of colleagues from Columbia, Stanford, Cornell, Harvard and the Library of Congress gathered here at Princeton to discuss work we've been doing to adapt and expand BIBFRAME’s model to cover special formats like maps, music, art, moving images, and rare books
  • Meeting with Anne Jarvis: On April 6, the core group met with Anne Jarvis to initiate a conversation about linked data at Princeton
  • Harvard Webinar: On April 13, Jennifer, Lidia and Peter virtually joined Harvard University Library's Linked Data Discussion Group to deliver a webinar on our Derrida project (our LD4P subproject). Our colleagues at HUL expressed interest in further collaboration and information sharing.