At the end of June, the Tech Services linked data study group completed our reading and discussion of Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist. We are planning to resume the group, with its stimulating conversations, in the autumn.

On July 18, we participated in an all-hands call, with representatives from all LD4 partners, to discuss a possible follow-up grant (the current grant ends March 2018).

We have updated our project page on the public LD4P wiki, as we are now mid-way through phase 3 (of 4) of our sub-project: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/LD4P/Princeton+-+Project+Updates

Last week, Joyce and Peter presented to staff here at PUL on "The Future of Library Catalog Data: A View from Technical Services" as a way of introducing staff to basic concepts of linked data, and to the linked data-related work we have been doing in Tech Services. There were two presentations, one at our off-site location and one at the main library, organized by the Library Education and Training Committee (LETC). Both were well-attended, and there are plans to do another set of presentations soon.

We are currently evaluating two linked data editors for use with our project, Vitrolib and CEDAR. In addition, we will likely be using a prototype tool created in-house to help with the selection of people, places, and dates from within the transcribed dedications.