Earlier this week, Joyce, Jennifer and Peter were joined by Esmé Cowles (Library IT) at the 4th LD4P Partners Meeting at the Library of Congress (Nov 13-14). With 5 1/2 months remaining in the current grant, partners from the six institutions shared their accomplishments, goals, and challenges, and discussed a possible follow-on grant. The general consensus was that the current grant may have been rightly called "Linked Data for Pre-production". Actual production relies on tools (e.g. new cataloging interfaces), and tools rely on data modeling, both of which have taken far more of the group's time and effort than anticipated, and neither of which are ready for implemention. Another major piece in pre-production is the infrastructure that will be needed to share linked data. Progress is being made on all fronts, so continuing the partnership will be important.

In other local news: next on our to-do list is testing our Annotation Editor, preparing a presentation for SWIB, and presenting on linked data for our Special Collections staff.