Last week, Joyce, along with the rest of the core group, took the Linked Data Roadshow to interested colleagues in RBSC to provide our perspective on the the potentials of linked data and an overview of our recent linked data related activities. It was nice to begin a dialog and to consider their thoughtful questions and concerns.

Also last week, we were joined by Dr. William Hanley of Florida State University, via the Institute of Advanced Study, who is working on a project for which linked data holds great promise, an historical gazetteer of the Ottoman empire. He very clearly articulated both the potential usefulness and the challenges of linked data technologies, and in so doing provided an important real life "use case" for consideration. How could we help to facilitate this sort of project for our scholars in the future?

A small committee of professional catalogers has been formed to work on encoding the Derrida dedications using our annotation editor in mid-January. At least one member has suggested that there should be snacks and festive decorations to accompany this work.