LD4P 2016-2018 has officially concluded!

It has been two years of intense collaboration, adventurous challenges, and steep learning curves (some of which we are still climbing). Our humble deliverable is the representation of inscriptions within 450 of Derrida's books as linked data. This may seem like a modest accomplishment but represents a fundamental rethinking of the very basis of our current workflows, data structures, and technologies by a small group of intrepid individuals within a largely traditional -- yet rapidly shifting -- organization. Not easy work, as our colleagues in partner institutions could attest.  

The glorious (and possibly incomprehensible*) data is here: https://github.com/pulcams/ld4p

The recently publicized story about Derrida's Margins highlights for us the exciting possibility of future collaborations (Derrida's Margins being about how Derrida himself read, our project being about his social networks).

For Princeton staff, watch for an LETC sponsored presentation summarizing the project, July 9 and 10: Connecting Derrida: Linked Data @ PUL (two years and counting…)

* Snazzy interfaces will come later. Data creation is the first and most difficult step.


P.S. A follow-up grant to LD4P, dubbed LD4P2, has just been announced. Princeton University Library is not written into the grant but we are currently discussing how we may participate as part of a broader cohort.