Lewis Science Library Film Series

Behavioral Economics: When Psychology and Economics Collide

Video series hosted by Professor Scott Huettel, Ph.D. Duke University

Fridays, Noon to 1 in Lewis 225

  • September 16th – What is a Good Decision? / The Rise of Behavioral Economics
  • September 23rd – Reference Dependence: It’s All Relative / Reference Dependence: Economic Implications
  • September 30th – Range Effects: Changing the Scale / Probability Weighting
  • October 7th – Risk: The Known Unknowns / Ambiguity: The Unknown Unknowns
  • October 14th – Temporal Discounting: Now or Later? / Comparison: Apples and Oranges
  • October 21st – Bounded Rationality: Knowing Your Limits / Heuristics and Biases
  • October 28th – Randomness and Patterns / How Much Evidence Do We Need?
  • November 11th – The Value of Experience / Medical Decision Making
  • November 18th – Social Decision: Competition and Coordination / Group Decision Making: The Vox Populi
  • December 2nd – Giving and Helping: Why Altruism? / Cooperation by Individuals and in Societies
  • December 9th – When Incentives Backfire / Precommitment: Setting Rationality Aside
  • December 16th – Framing: Moving to a Different Perspective / Interventions, Nudges, and Decisions

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