Marquand Library printers

Marquand Library has a total of four public printers at present. Library staff do our best to ensure that the printers are loaded with paper and toner, but we rely on library users to report problems to us as they occur. Some tips for solving printer jams have now been posted near printers, and we do our best to make sure printers are in working order before each weekend, when fewer staff members are around. Student assistants are not generally responsible for computers, copiers, and printers in the library, as they must oversee the front desks, check bags, and handle circulation duties. Please be patient when sending print jobs to the printers, and do not send the same job multiple times, which just clogs up the queue, and causes problems for others wishing to print. Please ask a staff member to assist with canceling a print job or clearing the queue, if necessary. We are aware of a problem involving the slow printing of PDFs, especially when containing lots of images, so for now, we ask for your patience.