The City: Past, Present, Future

Our book displays continue in February with our first student-generated exhibit:

The past, the present, and the potential are all at play in this exhibition of books from Marquand’s collection. Highlighting the technological advances and forward thinking of the mid-twentieth century design revolution, the books in this installation represent some of the imagination and hope of those difficult years. The books in this installation put photographic perspectives of the city as modern, constructed Futurist works, and the mid-century’s dreams for the future into conversation to illustrate the tension between the conceptual and the constructed.

Sophia Feist ‘18
Guillermo Martinez Cabalga ‘17

On display (Marquand copies):

  1. Cohen, Jean-Louis
    Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes
    New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2013
    Marquand and Architecture Libraries, NA1053.J4 A4 2013q
  2. Yochelson, Bonnie
    Berenice Abbott: Changing New York
    New York: New Press and Museum of the City of New York, 1997
    Marquand Photography and Architecture Libraries (ReCAP), TR25.N7 Y63 1997q
  3. Soleri, Paolo
    Arcology: The City in the Image of Man
    Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1969
    Marquand and Architecture Libraries (ReCAP), NA9000 .S894e and NA9031 .S63e, respectively
  4. Ferriss, Hugh
    Power in Buildings: An Artist's View of Contemporary Architecture
    New York: Columbia University Press, 1953
    Marquand, NA680 .F4
  5. This is New York: The First Modern Photographic Book of New York, ed. Gilbert Seldes
    New York: D. Kemp, 1934
    Marquand Photography, F128.5 .S46
  6. Ferriss, Hugh
    The Metropolis of Tomorrow
    New York: I. Washburn, 1929
    Marquand, Architecture (ReCAP), and Marquand Rare, NA9105.F41q


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