New York City

New York City

Marquand Mini Exhibit
March 2019

The concept of “home” as a feeling instead of a geographic location is a theme unifying the photographs in this exhibit, all of which were taken at distinct moments in time and which capture an aspect of New York City that is distinct from moment to moment. For some, the essence of this prominent metropolis can be found in its bold and complicated edifices, standing monuments which attest to the greatness that the future is sure to promise to this very place. Still, for others, it is in the memory of things New York has lost that the place preserves its allure. Whatever the case may be, home in New York City seems to concern a unique urban nostalgia for times that were never lived.   

Noelia Carbajal ‘22


On display:

Aurora Cuito
New York Minimalism
New York: Harper Design International, 2004
Marquand, NA735.N5 N53 2004q

Nathan Silver
Lost New York
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2000
Marquand, NA735.N5 S49 2000

David Garrard Lowe
Beaux Arts New York
New York: Whitney Library of Design, 1998
Marquand, NA735.N5 L69 1998

Enrico Natali
New York Subway, 1960
Portland, Oregon: Nazraeli Press, 2012
Marquand Photography, TR680.N34 2012

Richard Berenholtz
New York Deco
New York: Welcome Books, 2008
Marquand, NA735.N5 B474 2008

Norval White & Elliot Willensky
AIA Guide to New York City
New York: Crown, 2000
Marquand, NA735.N5 A78 2000


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