Magazine Display in West Atrium

Marquand Library’s West Atrium Reading Room in Firestone Library now has a set of shelves displaying current periodical issues. These shelves are narrower than the other assigned study shelves in the West Atrium so are being utilized to display some of c. 300 currently received print magazines and journals (excluding annuals). You can find them at Study Shelf no. 201-205 in the West Atrium. Since Marquand’s former, very spacious periodical reading room is not currently available while a new Art Museum is being constructed, this display allows at least some of our current periodical titles to be visible and accessible to for library users for browsing.

A set of 18 current periodical titles were chosen to present a variety of current issues in English. These are not available in electronic form; other titles can be swapped out if necessary or requested. The current issue of each of the 18 will be displayed as it becomes available. If there is a title that is of interest for this display, please email .

The list of 18 titles (shelved alphabetically):

African Arts
Artibus Asiae
Bulletin – The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Canvas (Art and Culture from the Middle East and Arab World)
Elephant (The Arts and Visual Culture Magazine)
First American Arts Magazine
Flash Art
Frieze (Contemporary Art and Culture)
IFAR Journal (International Foundation for Art Research)
Raw Vision
Simiolus (Netherlands Quarterly for the History of Art)
Southeast of Now
The White Review

NOTE: We do currently have online availability of Artforum International and Art in America and are hoping to have access to most of the online archives of Artforum, Art in America and ArtNews (and Magazine Antiques) very soon.

-Rebecca Friedman


Serial Display