Lewis Science Library film series: "The Joy of Mathematics"

Lewis Science Library film series, poster

Join us for the Spring 2019 Lewis Science Library film series, "The Joy of Mathematics."
Date: Fridays
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Location: Lewis Science Library, Room 228

Feb. 1: Joy of Math, Joy of Numbers
Feb. 8: Joy of Primes, Joy of Counting
Feb. 15: Joy of Fibonacci Numbers, Joy of Algebra
Feb. 22: Joy of Higher Algebra, Joy of Algebra Made Visual
Mar. 1: Joy of 9, Joy of Proofs
Mar. 8: Joy of Geometry, Joy of Pi
Mar. 22: Joy of Trigonometry, Joy of Imaginary Number i
Mar. 29: Joy of the Number e, Joy of Infinity
Apr. 5: Joy of Infinite Series, Joy of Different Calculus
Apr. 12: Joy of Approximating with Calculus, Joy of Integral Calculus
Apr. 19: Joy of Pascal's Triangle, Joy of Probability
Apr. 26: Joy of Mathematical Games, Joy of Mathematical Magic

"This course of 24 half-hour lectures celebrates the sheer joy of mathematics, taught by a mathematician who is literally a magician with numbers. Professor Arthur T. Benjamin of Harvey Mudd College is renowned for his feats of mental calculation performed before audiences at schools, theaters, museums, conferences, and other venues." - The Teaching Company LLC

Questions? Contact Louise Deis, lfdeis@princeton.edu, (609) 258-3235