2017-18 FPUL Research Grant Recipients Announcement

Princeton University Library is pleased to announce the final recipients of the 2017-18 Friends of the Princeton University Library Research Grants.  The grant program will support visits from thirty researchers to Princeton in the coming year.  The awardees and their projects are listed below. Information about the grants program can be found on the Library Research Grants page.

Princeton University Library Research Grants for 2017–2018

Unless otherwise noted, these grants have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

Carlos Aguirre, “Latin American Writers and the Cuban Revolution, 1959-1971,” Manuscripts Division, with funding provided by the Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS). 

Olivia Badoi, “A Feeling for Wood Itself: Affect and Materiality in Lynd Ward’s Woodcut Novels,” Graphic Arts Collection, Rare Book Division, with funding provided by the Elmer Adler Fund.

Hadji Bakara, “Human Rights in the Twentieth-Century: A Literary History,” Manuscripts Division.

Denise Bates, “Navigating Political Uncertainty Together: Southeastern Tribal Leaders and the Association on American Indian Affairs, 1953-1980,” Public Policy Papers, Western Americana Collection. 

Stefan Bradley, “Blackened Ivy: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Ivy League in Postwar America,” University Archives.

Eddie Cole, “College Presidents and Civil Rights: A History, 1960-1964,” University Archives, Public Policy Papers.

JoAnn Conrad, “Women’s Work: The Women Illustrators of Magazines, Advertisements, Ephemera, and Children’s Books in America’s ‘Golden Age of Illustration,’” Cotsen Children’s Library, Graphic Arts Collection, with funding provided from the Cotsen Fund.

Vasiliki Dimoula, “Derrida and the Germans: Organs, Affect, and Subjectivity,” Rare Book Division, with funding provided by the Rare Book Fund.

Sara Dubow, “Conscience Wars: Conscientious Objection and Religious Accommodations in Modern America, 1965-2016,” Public Policy Papers.

Paul Edwards, “Portraying Race and Gender in the Photographically Illustrated Children’s Book before WWII,” Cotsen Children’s Library.

Julie Gallagher, “Frontline Battles for Justice in an Age of Universal Human Rights: A Comparative Gender History,” Public Policy Papers.

Barbara Gribling, “Pastimes and Play: Child Consumers of British History and Heritage through Toys and Games, 1750-1930,” Cotsen Children’s Library, Graphic Arts Collection, Rare Book Division, with funding provided from the Elmer Adler Fund and the Cotsen Fund.

Earle Havens, “Marginalia & Memory: Recollecting Narcissus Luttrell’s Library, 1678-1730,” Rare Book Division, with funding provided from the Rare Book Fund. 

Allan Hepburn, “Raymond Mortimer and Nancy Mitford: Correspondence,” Manuscripts Division.

Michael Hevel, “A History of Gay College Student Organizations’ Struggle-for-Recognition Lawsuits,” Public Policy Papers         .

Panagiotis Iossif, “Hellenistic Coins from Antioch: The Material from the American Excavations at Princeton,” Numismatic Collection, with funding provided by the Council of the Humanities. 

Zacky Khairul Umam, “The Formation of Islamic Thought in Seventeenth-Century Medina: Mullā Ibrāhīm al-Kūrānī and His Writings,” Manuscripts Division.

Alejandro Lámbarry, “Vida y obra de Jorge Ibargüengoitia,” Manuscripts Division.

Sarah Lindenbaum, “The Ones That Got Away: Tracing Folios and Quartos from Frances Wolfreston’s Library,” Rare Book Division.

Jing Liu, “Maritime Transportation, Border Controls and Border Consciousness: The Korean-Chinese Maritime Borders From the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Centuries,” East Asian Collection.

Megan McDonie, “Explosive Encounters: Volcanic Landscapes, Indigenous Knowledge, and Cultural Exchange in Early Modern Mesoamerica,” Manuscripts Division.

Dimitirs Papanikolaou, “Literature, Gender and Cultural Politics in Postwar Greece: Costas Taktsis Writes to Nanos Valaoritis,” Manuscripts Division, with funding provided by the Stanley J. Seeger '52 Center for Hellenic Studies.

Ruth Pliego-Vázquez, “The Circulation of the Minimi in the Mediterranean during the Late Antiquity: The Coins of Antakya,” Numismatic Collection, with funding provided by the Council of the Humanities.

Daniel Story, “Ready to Believe: The Rise of Advertising in Capitalist America,” Manuscripts, Division, Public Policy Papers, with funding provided from the Seeley G. Mudd Fund.

Paulina Szelag, “The United States – Kosovo Relations in 1995-2005,” Public Policy Papers.

Claire Urbanski, “The Afterlife of Settler Colonial Carcerality: Archeological Excavation as Surveillance and Militarization in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands,” Public Policy Papers, Western Americana Collection.

Frances Weightman, “Imagining the Author: Paratextual Elements of Chinese Children’s Books,” Cotsen Children’s Library, with funding provided from the Cotsen Fund.

Michael Williams, “Impolite Science: Print and Performance in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic,” Graphic Arts Collection, Manuscripts Division, Rare Book Division.

John Young, “The Souls of Black Texts: The Composition and Revision of Toni Morrison’s Beloved,” Manuscripts Division.

Yue Zhang, “Manuscript Culture of Poems on History from the Wen xuan 文選 (Selections of Refined Literature) in Medieval China,” East Asian Collection.


A record number of applications (150) were received and carefully reviewed by members of the Special Collections staff and other Library staff. From the initial review, 42 proposals were recommended to the Grants Committee. The Committee selected 30 recipients. Grants Committee members included:

Steven Knowlton, Librarian for History and African American Studies

Joshua Kotin, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Sara Logue, Assistant University Archivist for Public Services

Seth Perry, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion

Alain St. Pierre, Librarian for History, History of Science, and African Studies

Volker Schröder, Associate Professor, Department of French & Italian, Friends representative 

Gabriel Swift, Reference Librarian for Special Collections, Grants Committee Chair

Princeton University Library wishes to thank the Friends of the Library for their ongoing support of the grant program, as well as the continued support from the Council of the Humanities, the Program in Latin American Studies, and the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies.  The substantial funding, $92,000 in total, has allowed the Library to continue to support a wide range of scholarship and research this year, thereby further spreading the word about the important collections held within the special collections divisions of the Princeton University Library.