Ville Olympiade Chamonix 1924. Patinage.

Title: Ville Olympiade Chamonix 1924. Patinage.
Translated Title: 
The Olympic Games in Chamonix 1924. Skating.
Eighth Olympic games, in Chamonix, France, 1924: Skating. Sports film edition. Sergeant Maudrillon, coach of the French miliary skiing team, surrounded by the representatives of every team, solemnly recited the Olympic oath. The speed races. 5,000 meter race. Finland's Skutnabb covered 1,0000 meters in 18 minutes and 4.8 seconds, almost 4 kilometers an hour. Ms. Henie of Norway, 11 years old, the youngest contestant in the figure skating competition, which allows us to witness her development. Mrs. Szabo Plank (Austria) winner of the womens figure skating. Grafstrom from Sweeden, champion of the mens figure skating competition. The Austrian, Bolk, who finished second in the mens figure skating contest (captured in slow motion). Mrs. Engleman and Mr. Berger (Austrians), won first prize in the couples figure skating contest. The slow motion video also shows us the evolution of the frenchman Sabouret. The End (Sports film edition).