Match d'athlétisme France-Finlande

Title: Match d'athlétisme France-Finlande
Translated Title: 
Track Match between France and Finland
Track Match between France and Finland. In the stadium of Bergeyre, 20,000 spectators came to cheer on the French and Finnish atheletes. The Finnish Team. The French Team. In the shot put, Perhola (Finland) came in first with a throw of 14 meters. Tuulos (Finland), Olympic champion in the triple jump, met the challenge and completed a 7.15 meter jump (New Finnish record). In the javelin throw, Myrra (Finland) came in first with a 61 meter throw. Paavo Nurmi, the world-record holder, lived up to his reputation as he won the 5,000 meter race in 15 minutes and 22.5 seconds. The 110 hurdles event was won by Finland's Vilen with a time of 15.8 seconds. In the 100 meter race, France's Andre Moulon triumphed over Finland's Haro in 11 seconds. France defeated Finland with a final score of 102 points to 78. The End.