Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 1

Title: Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 1
Translated Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen, No. 1
The Five Accursed Gentlemen, 10-part drama directed by Luitz Morat and Pierre Regnier based on the novel by Andre Reuze. An opium smokehouse on the French Riviera. - Do you see, young man, all of the fatalities of the East are held in this one word: Mektoub … It was written. A faithful host of of this artificial paradise: Mr. Luitz Kaladjian (Mr. Luitz Morat). - My dear Kalidjian, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Le Guerantec, the son of a wealthy shipowner. (Mr. Andre Luguet). - Mr. Le Guarentec is getting ready to travel to the East. Jacqueline Delvias's curiosity led her to visit an opium smokehouse (Ms. Yvonne Devigne). Visions of opium. See more on Number 2.
Series Title: 
Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits
Translated Series Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen