Le Scorpion

Title: Le Scorpion
Translated Title: 
The Scorpion
The Scorpion est a wll-known arachnid in the old continent and in the Mediterranean region. This insect ordinarily lives under rocks. Its sting is venomous, one must act with caution in order to capture it. Let us examine one of these animals under a magnifying glass. The body of scorpions, consists of two claws and its abdomen that stretches to its tail of six joints of which the last is armed with a venomous hook. This venomousd hook is jointed and can move in all directions. The scorpion is a very courageous insect. The film has captured a fight between the scorpion and a rat. The venom of a scorpion, which is not fatal for humans, is enough to kill an animal of small size.