Le Port de Marseille

Title: Le Port de Marseille
Translated Title: 
The Port of Marseille
Marseille is the first seaport of France; it is also the first port of the entire Mediterranean region. The Old Port of Marseille was founded by the Phocians over 2,000 years ago. Its capacity became insufficient for the various activities that pass through the area by the 19th century. Today, the Old Port is reserved for sailboats, tugboats and yachts. The Port of Marseille had to expand to the north. Many new basins were built in the sea. Marseille, like many other ports, imports coal, both to fuel the steamboats and to sustain its various industries. Marseille is also a huge port for oil-producing produce like copra and peanuts. This commerce fuels one of Marseille's most important industries. Images of copra from Oceania being unloaded. The copra is the almond of coconut. Another ship, from Senegal, unloads bagfuls of peanuts. The various machineries of the port are very advanced and substantially reduce the workload of the workers; one great example is the Goudet elevator. Detailed description of the mechanism of the machinery. Images of the port's northward expansion.