Documentaires français. La vallée de la Tet et du

Title: Documentaires français. La vallée de la Tet et du
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French Documentaries. The Valley of the Tet and of.
The route of Font-Romeu to the Spanish border (alt. 1800m.). Font Romeu - the grand Hotel of the Southern Railways. One of the last French villages in the Valley of the Tet. Ruins of the Chateau of the Bastide which blocked in the middle ages the route of Cerdagne. The giant cuts fo the gorges of Caranca. Channel used for the descent and transport of cut logs in the mountains. At Villefranche de Conflet the creek of Vernet flows into the Tet. Villefranche is a little city fortified by Vauban to close the route to space. But these fortifications, once formidable, are today only a picturesque set. It is a region of pastures. The old bridge of Amelie-les-Bains on the Tech; the stone carries the visible markings of how high the water gets in winter torrents. The force of the current broke the rocks that blocked its way. The theraml establishment of Amelie-les-Bains is a bizzare of constructions on a picturesque site. The gorges of Mondony open up close the bathers' favorite places to walk. The gorge is bound by two giant granite walls, and would be inaccesible with out a suspended walkway. Jumping on the rocks which block its bed, the waters of the Tech thunderously and tumultously roll. END
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries