Documentaires français. Lourdes et le Gave de Pau.

Title: Documentaires français. Lourdes et le Gave de Pau.
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French Documentaries. Lourdes and the Gave de Pau.
Pyrenees series: Lourdes and the Gave de Pau, composition and cinematography by M. C. Gilbert. High valley of the Gave de Pau. The Chateau of St. Marie a Luz. The church of Luz, a curious edifice built by the Templers in the 12th century, and is fortified, crenelated and furnished with a tower that resembles a dungeon. It is surrounded with a wall that is also crenelated. A bridge on the Gave close to Luz. Returning from the market. The route of Gavarnie; chaos. Pastures at Gavarnie. The circus of Gavarnie, produced by glacial erosion, is one of the most beuatiful sites of the Pyrenees, thanks to its gigantic proportions and wild aspect. The Gave at Orthez. The old bridge of Orthez was built in the middle-ages, a watch-tower placed on the middle of it defends the entrance. The Castle of Pau where Henry IV was born in 1553. Portal of entry to the court of honor. The old Castle of Lourdes, perched on a cliff across from the valley whose entrance it commands. The Basilica of Lourdes built over the miraculous grotto of 1876, one reaches it by two large ramps in the form of a horseshoe. At the foot of and in front of the Basilica is the church of Rosary, constructed in 1889 and completing the monument. The miraculous groot where a sheopherdess called Bernadette Soubirous saw the Virgin appear to her. The Basilica, in the splendor of twilight. The Basilica has put on its evening finery. END
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries