Documentaires français. Le Port de Dunkerque. Éclu

Title: Documentaires français. Le Port de Dunkerque. Éclu
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French Documentaries. The Port of Dunkirk - Locks and Docks.
The Port of Dunkirk - locks and docks. Given to France under Louis XIV in 1662, the port of Dunkirk became its second. The port is composed of eight docks and the outer harbor. Three lock chambers allow it to keep water at a constant level in its docks; the lock of Trystram (170m long)…. ... Allows the largest ships to enter. Each tide, incessant movement of boats going in and out. Once the sea begins to go down, the gates of the port are closed. Watch, No. 856 - the Port of Dunkirk - the tooling
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries