Documentaires français. La Tarentaise

Title: Documentaires français. La Tarentaise
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French Documentaries. The Tarentaise.
The Tarentaise is, properly speaking the upper valley of the Isere, upstream from Moutiers. Moutiers, seat of an arrondissement of the Department of Savoy, seat of the Bishop of Tarentaise. Aime, about 14 kilometers from Moutiers, is built at the height of about 760 meters. Bourg Saint-Maurice (Arrondissement of Moutiers, has 2,765 inhabitants). A street in Bourg Saint-Maurice. The upper valley of the Isere. With excellent summer pastures, the Tarentaise is a great breeding area (Tarine). A typical Savoyard house. Some costumes from the region. This land was reunited with France after the treaty of Nice in 1860 END.
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries