L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc

Title: L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc
Translated Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc
Climbing Mont Blanc (continuation; second stage): from Pierre Pointue to Grands Mulets; before continuing their journey, the alpinists blacken their faces to avoid sunburn. The region becomes more sad. To cross the most difficult passages, guides and voyagers attach themselves all to a rope. The spectacles offered to fascinated eyes reach immense proportions. A bridge of snow is used to cross a precipice. The little troop reaches the region of "Seracs": large blocks of ice are the only guardians of this solitude. Where it is shown it is easier to descend rather than climb. The caravan finally approaches the goal fo the first day. …and arrives at the cabin of "Grand Mulets" (3,050m.). There, the Jura extends, to the eyes fo the tourists, as ona relief map. Watch the third stage: from Grands Mulets to the Vallot observatory.
Translated Series Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc