Documentaires Français. Rouen la Ville-Musée.

Title: Documentaires Français. Rouen la Ville-Musée.
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French Documentaries. Rouen: the City-Museum.
Ancient Norman capital, situated at the foot of the hills that surround it from all sides. The cathedral that was begun under the reign of King John of England, is a mixture of Gothic styles of Normandy and the Ile-de-France. The principle façade, ornamented by a great number of sculptures and statues, is flanked by the Tour de Beurre and Tour Saint-Romain. The portal of the booksellers is ornamented with bas-reliefs depicting scenes from sacred history. The Tour de Beurre, 77 meters tall, is one of the most gracious specimens of 15th century architecture. The central nave. Mausoleum of Senechal Lois de Breze, attributed to Jean Gujon. Tombs of the cardinals of Amboise. The Church of St. Ouen, begun in 1316, finished in 1614. The southern façade. The portal of Marmousets. The church of St. Maclo is one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic styles that flourished. The principal entrance. The atrium of St. Malo, a 16th century cloister, is now a school. The courthouse, a masterpiece of Gothic and Renaissance art. The façade, at whose center is an octagonal turret, is 66 meters long. Over the windows are elegant pinnacles and arcades that reign as an entablature over the entire gallery. L'hotel de Bourgetheroulde, built at the end of the 15th century. The entrance. The interior court is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting the Camp du Drap d'Or. The Tour de la Grande Horloge, former municipal belfry that dates to 1389. The Fontaine de la Grande Horloge, representing Alpheus and the nymph Arethusa, is a graceful example of the art of the 18th century. The New Market, which is located where Joan of Arc was burned. The monument of St. Romanus, where every year a prisoner was set free. The statue of Pierre Corneille, raised on the Ille Lacroix, after a model by David d'Angers. The statue of Flaubert on the square of Solferino. Saint Romanus Street, a house classified as a historic monument. City Hall Square. The old streets of Rouen, with their picturesque 15th and 16th century houses, are one of the attractions of the city. Rouen, nicknamed the "City-Museum", is one of the few cities of France that preserved its Middle-ages character.
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries