Documentaires Français. Les Gorges du Tarn.

Title: Documentaires Français. Les Gorges du Tarn.
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French Documentaries. The Gorges of the Tarn.
The little city of Sainte Enimie lies on the edge of a deep gorge on the banks of the Tarn. The ship glides along the banks which are planted with where the nightingale sits. The village of Saint Nechy, in a niche between tall golden cliffs. The Chateau de la Caze, known as one of the happiest and freshest places along the gorge. The bridge of the village of Malene between the Causse de Sauveterre and the Causse de Mejean. Perched on a plain. Cave of the Mummy. The Straits. Beyond the Straits. The Circle of Balms. The new route under the sublime point. The "Steps of Worry". The Dam of Vignes where the hardy mariners of the Tarn are not afraid to venture. The Rapids of Mas-de-le-Pons are laced with pitfalls that confirm the reputation of the mariners of the Tarn. The marine conch whose sound resounds from afar calls on the voyagers to return. The gorges of the Tarn, with their fantastic rocks, their limpidity and radiance, are an unforgetable sight.
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries